Redeeming Family Church’s goal is to be a place where anyone can come and worship the Almighty God, feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and be set free.  Also to provide a means for Christians to grow, be restored and established in the Word of God, so we as a body of believers can make an impact in our communities and the world, by sharing the “good news” of Jesus Christ to others.  By doing the “Great Commission”, which is to go reach, preach and teach the lost for the glory of God!

Redeeming Family Church envisions:
  • Believers being equipped and trained in the work of the ministry.  Helping the broken, wounded, discouraged, diseased and those oppressed by the devil to find healing and restoration.
  • Believers praying in one accord
  • Believers cultivating their God ordained talents and gifts to edify the Body of Christ
  • Believers being grounded in the Word of God and doers of the Word of God


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